Search Engine Reach

Search performance analysis of up to five domains over a time span of last weeks.
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Keyword Research

Creation of relevant keywords with search volume and Google specific attributes.
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Backlink Verification

Verification of existing back link list providing additional attributes and data.
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Web Authorities

Listing of the most linked to websites from top positioned websites to find web authorities.
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Equipped with a database of over 30 million domains and over 200 million unique keywords (still growing) the SEO DIVER offers deep insights about the search reach of domains, keywords and back links in international search markets.


This SEO tool’s uniqueness is provided by its realistic data, because it is not based on projections – like conventional tools – but calculated on actual search queries and user search perception.


Therefore the results for tasks like competitor monitoring, analysis and keyword research or broad back link checks are much more accurate. Therefore you can optimize your online business on reliable data to ensure a maximum ROI.