Backlink Trust Points

Backlink Trust PointsThis tool is intended to carry out backlink research, during which important backlinks can be detected right up to the third linking level.


Backlinks are an extremely important part of the algorithm of search engines. The inheritance of vital values (trust, PageRank, thematic strength) plays a significant role in this respect. Every document that has a ranking in a search engine is usually linked with other documents


In our experience, vital values are not transmitted exclusively through directly linked websites; rather, they are a combination of all links on the Internet. This means that vital values from the second or even third level could have an effect on the corresponding website. The Backlink Trust Points tool was developed to identify these sources. It assists users in the search for the most important backlinks in the lower levels.


You can use the LinkCheck tool for backlink research contained in SEO DIVER for backlink analysis in a similar manner as the backlink trust point. In contrast to the Backlink trust point tool, this tool provides you with a much more comprehensive list of direct backlinks, although only on the first level.



Example data

  • More than 1,000 backlinks were issued. The most important backlink of from the second level was



Results output

All searched results are issued per page. The results are sorted according to their Static Visibility.