Backlink Verification

Backlink VerificationBacklink Verification allows users to verify existing backlink data with additional attributes and data that further qualify the evaluation of the backlinks.


Backlink lists that are available to download from various tools like Yahoo! Site Explorer are often confusing and unhelpful.


This tool is intended to improve these lists: The Backlink Verification tool provides an overview of the most important key figures on the (sub)domains contained in a specific backlink file once the file has been uploaded. All URLs contained in the overview are then analysed and summarised according to unique domains so that the user has an overview of the individual servers. This overview supports the user by enabling a faster analysis of the linking structure


Application example(s)

Clicking the small folder symbol opens your file manager where you can select a corresponding backlink file for Backlink Verification. We currently support the file types of the Yahoo! Site Explorer and the backlink data of Sistrix Toolbox. Select the corresponding file type under the search field and then click ‘Verify’. The file’s metadata are then evaluated directly. It comprises the total number of lines contained (links), the number of unique subdomains (e.g., as well as the number of unique hosts (*



Results output

Results are issued in table form based on the scope of the uploaded file. If the file exceeds the upload limit of 1,000 rows but is not larger than 20 MB, you will receive the report only as an enriched download in the download area (under My SEO DIVER). If the results are issued directly in the tool, you will see the column ‘No.’, which acts as a guide within the table.


The displayed results are sorted according to the sorting criteria that were submitted for the uploaded data. The data are enriched with the name of the web host, the homepage’s Google PageRank, the average Search Engine Reach, the server location and the domain’s age (in years). All columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order as desired.



Please note:

Our database is continually growing. If you upload the same backlink file again after 24 hours, it is very probable that we will have added all missing data.