Hub Finder

Backlink HubfinderThis tool provides assistance with backlink research and is suitable for finding competitors’ common link sources/hubs and, if necessary, exploiting any unused backlink potential. It finds common backlinks of up to five common domains.


For many search engines, maintained hubs are an important indicator for determining topic similarity and calculating trust values. Hub Finder searches for websites that link to both Competitor A and Competitor B. If you want to improve your ranking as the operator of Page C, we also recommend making sure your site is represented on the hub where your competitors are linked. Pages that are recognised as a hub by search engines are key elements in a solid off-page optimisation strategy.



Example data

  • If a user searches for the domains (entered one below another), the URLs that link both to ‘’ and to ‘’ will be grabbed in the process. Since the list was sorted according to Static Visibility, you will see the most important hub page for these two domains at the top of the list.



Results output

A maximum of 50 results is displayed per page. The results are sorted according to the relevance of the overlapping URL.