Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchKeyword Research is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. The more detailed and comprehensive this process is, the more targeted and efficient the planned SEM campaigns and SEO measures become.

This makes it possible to research search terms and search behaviour patterns on a specific subject. Since the trend in search engines is increasingly focused on ‘Universal Search’ and ‘Rich Snippets’, users should gather as much information as possible on a given keyword for search engine optimisation.

For this reason, the Keyword Research feature in SEO DIVER provides a link to attributes from the Google search in addition to a list of relevant keywords and phrases on a specific search term as well as their estimated search volume per month. This makes it possible to determine the relevance of certain attributes like locality, news, shopping, etc. for specific keywords.


SEO DIVER (area: Keyword Research) compared to other keyword tools:




Keyword Research

Google Keyword Tool
„Adwords KWT“

Keyword Discovery

Seasonal progression of search queries (chart)

(Comparison of up to eight keywords)

Limitations & filter
(Adult, normal search patterns)

unfiltered & uncensored

Click price/ Commercial – Limitations
(keyword results limited to minimum click price/CPC)

Privacy filter
(Adult filter, personal data)

Filter for special characters
(no special characters except ‚-‚, ‚.‘, ‚&‘)

Adult filter &
industry filter
can be turned on

Estimated search volume (exact)

(monthly level)

(average of the last 12 months, rounded)

(own level)

Database of various search queries

40 million

~ 25 million (no long tail/niche keywords below 10 queries/month aver.)

~1 million
(German Database)

Data export
(Excel / *.csv)

Typo analysis

Brainstorming research


Universal Search attributes
(e.g., news, shopping, local)

SEM/CPC data/click prices (Google)


In some cases (display for particularly expensive keywords)


Additional analysis tools included

(+14 additional SEO analysis tools – incl. daily keyword monitoring)

(Google Insights Search, Google Trends)

Data source

User panels – used across several different search engines


User panel – used across several different search engines

E-mail support


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In addition to traditional Keyword Research and the analysis of the seasonal fluctuation of a keyword, this tool provides users with the option to better qualify existing keywords, since additional keyword attributes and properties are issued from the Google search.



Application examples for the Keyword Research Tool

If, for example, optimisation is based on a keyword combination for which a video and image onebox is inserted as a Universal Search element in addition to the Internet search results, we recommend positioning the website in these special search services in a similar way, as the click and search behaviour for these two elements can have a very strong influence in favour of the image elements. In addition to the attributes of Universal Search (including local searches, video searches, image searches, blog searches, real-time searches, news searches, shopping searches), this keyword tool also provides detailed information on whether particular fluctuations in the search volume can be identified over the year (buzz words), or whether a keyword triggered a legal violation causing some results to be censored.


Information is also displayed on the average click price for some of the selected commercial search terms. If the search term is a navigational search, this is indicated separately. Navigational searches are usually unsuitable for optimisation, as the click rate for the first existing result is often well above average.



Results output

Keyword Research – Chart:

Saisonaler KeywordtrendIf sufficient data are available, a seasonal trajectory of search queries (exact matches only) is composed and summarised into a chart for the researched keywords. In total, up to five keywords can be directly compared.



Keyword list:

In the case of several keywords or phrases, the output of the keyword list is sorted in tabular form according to traffic/search volume per month. You will find a short legend on the possible attributes and properties in the table header. The middle column indicates the estimated search volume per month in the leading search engine (based on market share) of the selected country. As part of this process, the output of the search volume is always at most a monthly value that was achieved over the entire period.


Universal Search Attributes

The right-hand column contains the individual attributes of the keywords. If the user clicks one of the grey attributes, the list is reduced to this selection alone. If the user then clicks a second attribute, the selection is reduced further. Clicking the active, highlighted attribute triggers the filter again and brings the user back to the original display. Clicking the keyword itself starts a new search on the particular keyword/phrase in question.


Clicking the +that appears next to certain keywords displays similar search queries (keyword suggestion) for this search term.



Filter options:

Users can choose between the following filter options to display of the keyword list:

  • Broad match:
    Finds all keywords that contain the searched word – Format: %keyword%
  • Broad match, beginning of word:
    Finds keywords that begin with the specified search term as far as possible – Format: keyword%
  • Broad match, end of word:
    Finds keywords that end with the specified search word as far as possible – Format: %keyword
  • Exact matches:
    Finds all keywords that are exact matches for the searched word – Format % keyword %, keyword %, % keyword
  • Exact matches, beginning of word:
    Finds all keywords that begin with the searched word and that are followed by a space
  • Exact matches, end of word:
    Finds keywords that end with the exact search word. Keywords are checked for a space before the search word.
  • Brainstorming:
    Finds keywords that contain the search term and words associated with the search term.


Examples for working with the filter options ‘exact matches’, ‘broad match’ & ‘brainstorming’

Exact matches Broad matches Brainstorming

Keyword Research exact match

Keyword Research broad match Keyword Research brainstorming

Note: Click to zoom in on images!


This tool enables an extended data export of more than 100 keywords. Clicking the export button on the right above the keyword table creates a corresponding keyword report in the download area (under My SEO DIVER). This report enables a much larger selection to be exported than the output in the Keyword Research Tool, which is restricted to 100 data sets. The keywords are exported in *.csv format, including all attributes and keyword properties.

Depending on the available download credits, users can download/export a maximum of 12,000 keyword data sets every month.


Registration & booking process

Register now in SEO DIVER. Registration is free. If you’re interested in using SEO DIVER’s professional Keyword Research as described above and gaining access to 38 million keywords including numerous keyword functions, you can quickly and easily book a search market package ( for countries such as Germany – DE, United States – US or Spain – ES) after registering. You can find the prices for these services in the latest version of the price list.