Backlink Tool LinkCheckThis research tool is a backlink checker that draws on a range of fee-based data sources and uses its own crawlers to verify the data acquired. In the course of this refinement process, the backlinks are enriched with numerous attributes during export. These attributes allow the webmaster, link builder and SEO to quickly and efficiently analyse the backlink profile of any given website.

The tool is an aid for all SEOs that want to implement a solid backlink search of a domain/URL


Export function

LinkCheck allows backlink data to be exported. In the process, the following additional information is provided for every backlink we obtain, as long as it is available:

  • The backlink URL
  • The link type (image link, text link, image maps and hotlinks)
  • The backlink’s current link text (anchor text)
  • All rel attributes for a backlink (for example, rel=external nofollow)
  • The link URL (anchor URL) being linked to
  • The exact URL (target URL) profiting from the link (such as if the linked page redirects with a 301)
  • The link URL’s HTTP status code, such as 301, 404, 200, rel canonical (301c), etc.
  • Whether the link is from a homepage (BackFront)
  • Number of additional internal links on the linking page (e.g., navigation)
  • Number of additional external links on the linking page
  • The backlink’s position on the linking page
  • File size of the linking page in kilobytes
  • Average Search Engine Reach of the linking domain
  • Average Search Engine Perception of the linking domain
  • Average Static Visibility of the linking domain
  • IP address of the linking domain
  • ASN (autonomous system number) of the linking domain
  • The linking domain’s PageRank
  • TrafficRank of the linking domain (from 0 to 10)
  • Name of the web host/IP range operator
  • Country code of the server’s location
  • Top-level domain ending (TLD) of the linking domain
  • Age of the domain
  • The linking page’s Google +1
  • The linking page’s Facebook Likes
  • Categories for evaluating the quality of a backlink
    • Current categories:
      • Universities and colleges
      • Government pages/pages from public institutions
      • Social bookmark directories & social networks
      • Public online press portals & article directories
      • Web catalogues/web directories
  • Title tag of the linking page
  • Web analysis/tracking code (Google Analytics and many more)
  • Integration of ads/ad code (AdSense, DoubleClick and many more)
  • Affiliate code (Amazon, Affilinet and many more)
  • Content management system used by the linking site
  • Up to 20 keywords – extracted from the linking document and weighted according to relevance in order to better determine whether the backlink is subject-relevant
  • The backlink’s activity status (1 if active, 0 if we cannot confirm the link at the time of export)