(May 22nd 2012)


SEO DIVER price list

Depending on the term of the subscription, costs can run anywhere from €39 up to €99 plus 19% VAT for a single search market (such as U.S.) and chosen modules. Selectable dependencies are:

  • Search Market
    at present:
    • UK – Great Britain
    • US – United States
    • DE – Germany
    • AT – Austria
    • CH – Switzerland
    • FR – France
    • ES – Spain
    • IT – Italy
  • Modules
  • Duration of subscription (e.g.: 3, 6 or 12 months)


The special option „all search markets“ allows you to extend all booked modules to all provided search markets for an additional fee of 49,- EUR (plus 19% VAT) / month.


Important: This offer is only available in the context of a subscription. A subscription is the regular utilisation of a service. In order to stop utilising this service, the subscriber must actively cancel the subscription within the tool.


Subscription terms

All in One
(all modules)

monthly costs / search market

One Module

monthly costs / search market

“All search markets”

monthly costs

1 month 129,- EUR
(plus 19% VAT)
39,- EUR
(plus 19% VAT)
49,- EUR
(plus 19% VAT)
3 month 119,- EUR
(plus 19% VAT)
6 month 109,- EUR
(plus 19% VAT)
12 month 99,- EUR
(plus 19% VAT)

Please note: The sale of user licences to end consumers is not permitted. This offer applies exclusively to contractors and freelancers.


Modules overview

Performance module

  • Search Engine Reach – Calculated value to show the performance of a given domain within the search engines
  • Search Engine Perception – Calculated value to show the performance of a given domain within the search engines
  • Static Visibility – Calculated value to show the performance of a given domain within the search engines
  • Keyword Rankings – Keywords and search engine ranking positions including changes of the last 6 months of a given domain for more than 500.000 keywords
  • SERP History – Historical search engine results (Google) for up to 6 months for more than 500.000 popular search terms
  • enhanced Dashboard – Overview of all important SEO key data within the SEO DIVER for a given domain
Keyword module

  • Keyword Research – Detailed keyword research with multiple options within an uncensored SEO DIVER exclusive keyword data base
  • Keyword Fast Search – Fast keyword research
  • Keyword Trends (only in UK, DE, IT, FR, ES) – Overview of currently searched for keywords within the booked search market
  • Keyword projects – Managing own keyword lists
  • Search funnels – Analysis of search behaviour
  • Keyword API – Interface for data integration into your own system
Link module

  • LinkCheck – Extensive analysis of existing backlinks
  • InLinks – Research of topic related websites with a min/max domain popularity
  • Backlink Trust Points – Research of link distances
  • Backlink Verification – Scoring of existing backlink lists (e.g. Google Webmaster Tools, Sistrix, Bing or Majestic SEO)
  • Hub-Finder – Research for link hubs
  • Web Authorities – Research for authoritative websites
  • SearchOnIP – Find domains on the same IP
Monitoring module

  • Keyword Monitor – daily monitoring of keyword rankings (Google & Bing)


Calculation of monthly terms

The terms for SEO DIVER are based on a month of days, NOT on a calendar month. This means that if you register on the 18th of the current month, for example, your access authorisation will be valid until the 17th of the following month (or third, sixth or twelfth month after registration, depending on the package you book). (For this reason, pro rata monthly invoices are not possible.)



Subscription cancellation notice period

You can cancel or simply unsubscribe from your packages in SEO DIVER up to one day before the end of your term. If your term runs until the 17th of the month, for example, you can cancel as late as the 16th of the same month. If the agreement is not terminated, its term shall be extended by a period equivalent to the term previously selected and may then be terminated with a notice period of one (1) day as of the expiry of such term.



In order to cancel your subscription, simply go to My SEO DIVER / Packages / Packages in SEO DIVER and cancel the automatic extension of your package under ‘Status’. The ‘no’ that should then appear under automatic extension indicates that your subscription has been cancelled.


Payment options

You have the option paying through PayPal or credit card.


Immediately after booking you will be able to see your invoice navigating to My SEO DIVER / Packages / Invoices.


If you would like to negotiate individual conditions of payment – you can contact us in English or German by email:


Do you have further questions?

Please contact our SEO DIVER support team (in English or German) directly: