As is the case with InLink search, SearchOnIP provides an overview of websites that are worth considering as linking options for the user’s own website

What is particularly important here is the theory that IP trust affects other projects in the direct environment (proximity). Therefore, this tool enables specialised research of (subject-relevant) websites on a selected IP range (C or D) of a specified domain name.

Example data

  • Domain:
  • Option: ‚Class C‘

The results contain URLs that are hosted on Class C of These sites may enjoy the IP trust of this domain that specialises in kids / entertainment and can therefore increase the efficiency of its own ranking when linking entertainment keywords (such as ‘cartoons’ or ‘movies‘)

Another option allows users to analyse which projects are still located on the IP or on Class C. This kind of analysis often provides information on a website operator’s other related projects.

Results output

Results are sorted according to the listed domain’s average Static Visibility. Additional vital data on the domain such as PageRank, Search Engine Reach, etc. is collected in an export.