SERP History

Serp HistoryThe SERP History tool shows you historical Google search results (also known as SERPs: search engine results pages) for more than 500,000 select popular keywords. Data for positions 1 to 50 is archived in the tool once a week.


You can use this tool to analyse a keyword’s historical positions while simultaneously viewing the ranking progress of every URL in the Top 50 (some Keywords it is only the Top 10). All results pages refer to the local search market and are currently available in all bookable search markets (United States, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland).


Keyword DetailsWe also provide users with the seasonal search volumes and all Universal Search attributes we’ve saved for each keyword in positions 1 to 50 in order to help them better understand the results page.


Application scenario:

SerpsIf you have noticed severe fluctuations for a particular website, an analysis of past developments should be part of any well-founded investigation. As Google search results can change extremely rapidly, having the opportunity to look at an archive of historical search results can be helpful. Regardless of whether you want to see who held a certain position in the past or do precise research on a certain domain’s progress, a comprehensive SERP archive is an essential analysis tool for evaluating changes.



Select WeekUnder the search field, you can find the selection for the week for which the SERP for the keyword entered is supposed to be displayed.


Ranking progress:

Ranking ProgressYou can see two small chart icons next to each keyword. Clicking the first chart icon chart-red opens a layer that displays the ranking progress for this domain. Clicking the second chart icon chart-blue opens a layer that displays the ranking progress for this URL.