Keyword Rankings

keyword rankingsThe Keyword Rankings tool shows the current rankings and their historical development for a domain in a local search market. The analysis reflects their presence in the organic search engine index. All positions for a set list of keywords between ranks 1 and 50 are evaluated once a week to display the keyword ranking.


The keyword list currently comprises more than 500,000 search queries from German search engines. These keywords were aggregated and normalised over the course of several years in order to generate a representative average.


The Keyword Rankings are extremely well suited for analysing position changes and the SEO potential of proprietary web projects. Additionally, Keyword Rankings are the easiest way to find out which keywords your competitors are using to dominate search engines.



Example data:

  • ‚‘ lists the Keyword Rankings of


Results output (in the case of a direct subdomain result)

Keyword Trend – Chart:

Keyword Trend ChartThe chart displays the time progression of the quantitative number of Keyword Rankings over the last few months. If you are currently looking at a different chart view, you can switch back to this view by clicking the line graph icon keyword trend.


Ranking Distribution – Chart:

Ranking Distribution ChartYou can change the chart by clicking the bar graph icon keyword distribution: In this bar graph, you can see the ranking distribution of the keywords on the first five results pages. A direct comparison of the number of ranking keywords for the two weeks selected is displayed.


Keyword Rankings:

List of Keyword RankingsYou can view a table of the domain’s 100 top Keyword Rankings with various additional information:

  • The ranking keyword (clicking the keyword will take you to keyword research)
  • The keyword’s ranking URL (clicking the URL filters according to keywords starting from this URL)
  • The keyword’s average position
  • The keyword’s average position during the previous week
  • die Veränderung der Position des Keywords zur Vorwoche
    • -: no change in position compared to the previous week
    • +n: rose by n positions for this keyword
    • -n: dropped by n positions for this keyword
    • new: The website entered the Top 50 for this keyword for the first time
  • Keyword traffic/search volume
  • Keyword search trend over the course of the year


If the subdomain being analysed has more than 100 rankings for the keywords we are monitoring, users can move on to the next page by clicking the arrow icons above and below the list on the right-hand side.



Users can set additional restrictions for the results list via ‘Options’ under the search field where the domain can be entered:

  • The two weeks whose results users want to compare
  • The positions that users would like to see (such as 11–20 potential keywords)
  • The path, from/for which the rankings should be displayed
  • The search type indicates whether the rankings should be factored in for the precise path entered or starting from the path entered.

Ranking progress:

Ranking ProgressYou can see two small chart icons next to each keyword. Clicking the first chart icon chart-red opens a layer that displays the ranking progress for this domain. Clicking the second chart icon chart-blue opens a layer that displays the ranking progress for this URL.