Search Funnels

Search FunnelsSearch funnels are search paths that have been entered in search engines in the exactly the same way by more than one user. They reveal which keywords were searched for by the user before and/or after and show what the user was concerned with in the direct search process. The Search Funnel tool (beta) provides a way to better analyse search behaviour at the keyword level. Knowing more about the search behaviour of a user for a specific keyword allows you to tailor your content to the search phrase and respond to the intention of the searcher more effectively.


This tool provides keyword research specialists with a unique opportunity to analyse search processes and behaviour more precisely. When used properly, the tool reveals the needs, wishes, hopes, fears and intentions that are associated with a search query and that have a major influence on the conversion process, amongst other things.




Search funnels can be search refinements such as:


‘ebay’ -> ‘ebay uk’


Search funnels can also arise from different search needs but result in search terms being entered in the same order:


for example, ‘mass lottery’ -> ‘bank of america’


Example entries:

Search funnel options:


Keyword entry: lottery


Search funnel depth: 2

Search type: combine

Direction: Search term as start



Returned results:

The left column shows the terms combined with ‘lottery’ (for example, ‘national lottery’). The right column shows the terms frequently searched for afterwards in each case.

One possible interpretation:

Possible reasons why this search path was entered:

The intention of the users may differ. For example, one user wants to know whether they will have to win the lottery next week in order not to run out of money. Another user would look for a loan after not being lucky at the lottery. A third user simply looks checks his bank account, in this case on Sunday morning after checking their lottery numbers.

Conclusion: A remarkably high percentage of people search for the term ‘bank of america’ after entering the search term ‘mass lottery’.


Please note: The Search Funnel tool is currently in the beta phase, as more than three million new search queries are currently being analysed each week. In turn, the quality of the Search Funnel improves from week to week. Data obtained using the tool is non-binding and should provide an indication of how users actually search and what they are preoccupied with. Use the tool to try to develop search behaviour patterns without paying too much attention to the brand names, URLs and specific keywords used in our data sample.


Practical tips:


If, for example, you see the path: ‘car -> car covers’, this represents:


‘{car}’ -> ‘{car supplies}’


If, for example, you see the path: ‘youtube -> facebook’, this represents:


‘{social community 1}’ -> ‘{social community 2}’.